"I Still See"
My song is dedicated to all the people that lost their lives or their lives were changed by September 11th

During the months following September 11th,
music and lyrics began forming in my mind.
As a frequent commuter to New York City,
related to my work as a commercial photographer,
The Twin Towers were a normal visual occurrence morning and evening
from my seat on the Lakeland Buses from New Jersey.
Whether it was a beautiful sunny day or a foggy rainy day,
The New York skyline offered a picturesque view.
My commercial photography keeps me involved
in photographing products for ads and catalogs,
so I kept saying one day...I'll take the time to photograph the skyline for myself.
That day never came.
Now I must remember its beauty in my mind.
Hence the song "I Still See"
which was finished shortly before the first anniversary of September 11th.

I thank Scott Monetti for his vocals and expressing my lyrics so well and
Scott Miller for his work on drums & bass and mixing the entire project with my keyboard accompaniment.

Kevin Fortin

To Listen To "I Still See"

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Please remember that this is a copyrighted song
and is offered here for personal use only.
For any other usage (commercial, internet,etc)
you must obtain written permission from myself,
Kevin Fortin

©Kevin Fortin 2002

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Video Presentations Using "I Still See" As Soundtrack Created By Other People.

"I Still See" _ 911 Memorial.pps
PowerPoint presentation created by Avi Zamites & Cris Velilla
United States Department of Homeland Security , U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services, District 10, Tampa. 9/2011

"Each year we have a 9-11 memorial luncheon and various people do a presentation.
This year, the District Chief of Staff asked me, Avi Zamites, to put together a PowerPoint presentation for the memorial luncheon.
I browsed the web to gather many photographs of that day and while doing that,
I came across your website and the link to the MP3, "I Still See".
After hearing it, I contacted you for permission to use it and it became the backbone of the presentation...
Sort of like the story, "Stone Soup", while I was working on it at the office,
Cris Velilla strolled by and before you know it, was my production director!
She did an excellent job of synching the slides to the music...
In the end, it became a wonderful tribute to 9-11 and was enjoyed by all.
Thanks again for your permission to use the music!"
  We all, "Still See"

(Sorry...Video no longer available)
"I Still See ~ 9/11 Tribute" on YouTube.com by Peggy Johnson, SC ~ 9/2011

"I Still See" touched me so deeply that I immediately knew after hearing it, that I wanted to create a video in tribute of 9/11/2001.

The towers stood tall and strong like this beautiful country,
and represented so much of what The United States of America stands for.
It's now ten years later but feels like yesterday that I watched the Twin Towers collapse to the ground. The towers remain standing in my mind and heart, because they represent even more to me today. A country coming together even stronger than before. Hands reaching out to help others at a time in need. Courage, Bravery, Love, Support and Kindness. Stronger bonds and even more pride. Living in the Heart and Soul of every American.

What stood out most when I first listened to this song and lyrics, is that I too did not personally know any of the victims,
Yet my heart hurts right along with the lives of all those directly affected.
I remember watching the news in horror and shocking disbelief that this devastation was really happening in my country.
"My beloved America" With tears in my eyes and pain in my heart, the freedoms that this great country has shared among all of it's citizens, felt robbed in what seemed like seconds. We were attacked, each and every one of us, directly or indirectly. It was carried out in a most heartless,cowardly manner and felt very personal to us all. The victims of 9/11 were not just names, they had faces.
They have families and friends. Relationships, dreams, faith, and freedom.
Innocent people going about their lives just as any other day, but this day would prove to be very different.
A day that time stood still and would forever be etched in every American's Heart.
We lost our "own". We lost so many lives. We all grieve for they were our family too.
"Our American Family"